Here are a few words from our customers:


"I received my Tree of Life walking stick as a gift three years ago.  It is absolutely beautifulI have to say, not only do I love it and use it every day, but I am stopped constantly by people admiring my unique walking stick.

The sling cradles my wrist and makes it SO COMFORTABLE!
It has eliminated the grip pain I used to feel in my hand and wrist when hiking longer distances.  Just awesome!  Thank you Ron.
Jeremy D. 

"I purchased my Southwestern walking stick four years ago. Not only is it gorgeous, it is a conversation starter. People are fascinated with the carving and the windwalker.  So, I hand out Ron’s card to all those who stop to admire or comment on my stick.  

So far, it has been to the Panama Canal (Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia), Florida,  New York and Cape Cod. Next spring, it will go to Australia and visit the baby kangaroos at the Alice Springs Sanctuary!   

I find that too often, people my age use a cane and have to bend over to use it.  That challenges their already precarious balance issues.  The stick is cut especially to my height and keeps me upright and mobile even in the driving rain".  
Katherine P.

"I purchased a walking stick for my wife’s birthday. It’s a beautiful piece and she loves it. She has a few mobility issues and the walking stick helps her feel safe and stable. Thank you for your craftsmanship and for making a happy birthday all the happier."
Kent L.

"Received the walking stick today. It is beautiful! Out of all the gifts I have gotten my wife this stick is what I am most excited about."
Jared C.

"Arrived and it is absolutely beautiful!"
Lynda B.

"You just made me cry and I don't know why. LOL But I am a blubbering fool right now. Maybe it's because outside won't be so scary to me anymore. Or maybe it's because my husband won't feel so alone on the nature trails any longer, or maybe it's because you are the sweetest people I have met when purchasing online.

Thank you for tickling my soul today,

"Love my new stick.  Thanks for such a fantastic experience and quality itemThanks again."
John C.

"The Walking Sticks arrived and they are wonderful.  Thank you."
Chris C.

"The design, art work and balance of the walking stick is superb! Thanks again Ron"
Rick P.

Tamar H.

"Just as I expected- beautiful beyond words. there is not a thing i would change. The coloring and carving, more that I could have hoped for. The scabbard... Awesome."
Bob M.

"I just have to say, I LOVE the walking stick. It is so gorgeous and it holds such beautiful energy. We are getting ready to move to Africa and I wanted a walking stick for our adventures there and it's perfect. Thank you so much."
Nona J.

"I received my walking stick in this morning’s mail…really fast service!!….and I absolutely love it!  It is really nice and love the details you added in."
Gail S.

"Just hiked seal rock with the staff. Sweet handling. Felt great. Can't tell ya how much I appreciate your craft. Loving the art."
Drew C.

"My walking stick came today. I really really love it. So beautiful. You do really great work. I love the Wood Spirit."
June M.

"I want to thank you both for the retirement walking staff you sent to my brother in law Don. It was so very beautiful and detailed, a true work of an artist who let his passion and love for his work show. Very thankful I found you and Don is beyond thrilled. He has posted many pictures of it, and is very much in awe of all the details that made it so special. Again thanks to both of you for helping me look so good."
Nancy J.

"What a beautiful work of art!!! Thank you."
Carol Z.

"The walking stick arrived today. It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!"
Mark H.

"The stick arrived yesterday and its beautiful! I can't thank you enough!!"
Jennifer S.

"We received the walking stick today. My mom is thrilled! She keeps walking around with it saying, "Oh, wow! It's perfect!" She was especially touched seeing her name carved into the stick. Thanks for doing such an exceptional job!"
Amy E.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I received the walking stick. The size is just right and I'm sure it will do quite nicely. I want to thank you again for all the extra care you took for me."
Diane L.

"I just received it and it is beautiful. I know it will help me tremendously. Thank you so very much."
Fran A.

"The sticks were so incredibly well received by all!! The leather hand strap is so comfortable that people were just hanging out letting it hold their hand up! A lovely gift from your heart to my heart to all of my children."
Michele K.

"Wanted to let you know I got the staff the other day and it looks great! Thanks a ton for all the help and I'll be sure to steer anyone interested your way."
Richard T.

"Ron, everyone who beholds Tom's walking stick marvels at the beauty of it. Thanks again, so much."
Nancy B.

"Got the walking stick and it is GREAT!!!!"
Tim S.

"Dad took the staff on her maiden voyage two days ago and it was a TREMENDOUS help to him! He was able to walk with more confidence and stand upright moreso than in many months! I can never thank you enough for the freedom your staff has allowed my father...you have truly made a difference in his life. Thank you so much!"
Sara B.

"First off let me tell you just how much my dad loved his walking stick!"
Bobbi Jo

"I just wanted to tell you again how much I love my Green Man walking stick. It is a work of art and I'm proud to have its support on my hikes..."
Lisa C.

"The amazingly beautiful walking stick arrived safely today...it is perfect! I can't believe you did it so quickly, and so lovingly, as you promised."
Jen M.

"The staff is absolutely gorgeous and the tip is the perfect touch for Dad trying to get around in ice and snow! Incredible craftsmanship."
Sara B.

"Just wanted to tell you how beautiful the hiking stick is! I am sure my husband will love it :)"
Jen C.

"The walking sticks arrived yesterday. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I am very well pleased. I can't wait to try it out. Hmmm! I think I will go for a walk."
Sam F.

 "I received the Walking Stick today.  I am BLOWN AWAY by the whole thing!  It looks better than your pictures!  Thank you for the wonderful stick!"
Bob J.

"Just a quick email to let you know my Hiking pole has arrived safely. It is beautiful.  Can hardly wait till Tuesday for his birthday, he is really going to be surprised and I am sure will love it."
Sue H. 

"I recently purchased your sun face walking stick and everybody loves it, as I do."
Betty M.

"Wow. My stick just arrived and it is everything that I was hoping for. I can't wait to show it off.  It will take me a while to study all of the decoration that you did."
Gregory C. 

"I just received the walking stick yesterday and wanted to thank you so much for your prompt service. I also wanted to say that the walking stick is even more beautiful in person!! I was completely amazed at how absolutely intricate and beautiful it is; and thank you so much for personalizing it for her too!! She will cherish this forever!! Thank you once again!"
Deena H.

"I received the walking stick yesterday and it is gorgeous. Everyone loved it. You guys did a phenomenal job and it is so comfortable."
Dan W.

"My wife absolutely loves her hiking staff!!!! The purple is awesome and the height and grip location are perfect too. We had it with us on leap day as we logged 3 caches and helped set a new record. Thank you for helping me get my wife the perfect birthday present."
Dana N.

"It is soooo Beautiful!"
Josephine G.

"I just wanted to shoot a quick email your way to tell you that your creation "the staff of asclepius" was very well received! He was thrilled with the gift and he greatly admired the craftsmanship of the worthy rod. I must say that I was sad to be parted from it, but seeing it bring such joy was very much worth it!

Thanks again for collaborating with me on this project, which was a smashing success!"
Nate L.

"I received the walking stick yesterday and wanted to tell you right away what a work of art it is.  It is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so proud to have it.  Thank you for finding the spirit in the wood.  I love it."
Lisa C.

"They arrived yeasterday and they are awsome!!!!! "
Dan S.

"Ron!!! My nana's walking stick is beautiful. She cried a little when I gave it to her. Thank you so much. And I was so surprised to find a second walking stick. You are such a sweetheart :) really thank you so much. I hope I am able to order more walking sticks from you in the future so don't disappear on me!!!!"
Whitney M.

"I just opened my box and I absolutely love him. You are a very gifted man. He's already hanging on the wall. Thank you so much. My two cats are eyeing him, they are not sure what to make of it yet. Thanks again."
Carole H.

"I received my order yesterday and just wanted to tell you how awesome they are! I gave one to my brother and he absolutely loved it!  Thank you."
Susan M.

"You are a wonderful man and your good reputation and work were already carved into my heart."
Jacob S.

"I received your masterful piece of art today and I love it.  It's even better then the pics or what I thought.  Thank you very much and I can't wait to show my friends and make them jealous.....lol"
Carl L.

"Just wanted to say thanks, the staff arrived in time. It's a stunning bit of work and was roundly lauded."
Alistair G.

"What an absolutely wonderful walking stick! I am so impressed with your work! I will use this with pride and most likely order other designs from you. Thank you so much."
Bruce G.

"I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful walking stick. I will be testing it out tomorrow morning at dawn and just know that it will enable me to walk farther than I would have without it! This has certainly boosted by spirits and will be a wonderful tool in my efforts to get healthier each day." 
Loretta Z.

"I received the sticks yesterday - they are beautiful!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!"
Christy N.

"You are amazing!"
Tammy K.

"I was really pleased with the walking stick I received as well as your quick shipment. Thanks so much!!! It will make a beautiful Christmas gift for my son who does a lot of hiking."
Sue O. 

"The walking stick arrived today! It is splendid and Larry is delighted. We have a new puppy and Lal can't wait for him to be able to go out for walks so he can show them both off."
Cathy M.

"My beautiful walking stick just arrived, and I wanted to thank you for this beautiful, thoughtful, useful piece of art. I love the staff and the carvings are beautiful, as is the addition of the tacks into a few of the knots on the stick.  I admire your creativity and the vision it takes to bring the wood to life. I am most grateful."
Lynne N. 

"We got the walking sticks yesterday and are absolutely thrilled!! They are beautiful in every way and I can't wait for our customers to see them. You are a talented man...thanks so much!"
Teresa S.

"You carved 10 beautiful Wizard sticks for me.  I do love them – both aesthetically and spiritually – and am grateful for the care you put into carving each oneThank you so much and I hope to be in touch with you again in the future."
Jacob S.

"Oh my God - it arrived and is beyond beautiful. He will absolutely love it. I need to order another one for a friend and the people here at work have gone crazy over it so expect more orders. I can't thank you enough for being so good at what you do!  Thank you."
Kathie S.

"I received the wizard sticks a couple days ago.  They are AWESOME!"
Jen W.

"It has arrived and I love it!!  It is beautiful.  I know Hank is going to be thrilled and I promise to send a picture."
Debbie C.

"Thank you for the wonderful stick you carved for Mike!  It looks great!"
Ruth A.

"I took the walking stick out of the box and was delighted!  You do beautiful work.  Thank you so much."
Paul C

“Hi Ron, I received my order yesterday and just wanted to tell you how awesome they are! I gave one to my brother and he absolutely loved it!  Thank you."
Susan M.

“Just a quick email to let you know my Hiking pole has arrived safely.  It is beautiful.  Can hardly wait till Tuesday for Graham's birthday, he is really going to be surprised and I am sure will love it.  Thanks again.”
Sue H.

“The walking stick arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful!!  This is to be a Christmas present for a very special person in my life and hiking buddy.  He is a wood craftsman too and will be in love with it.  Thank you so much and happy holidays to you both.”
Jill S.

“I wanted to let you know my walking stick came today and it's simply BEAUTIFUL!  I LOVE IT!.  Thanks again”
Jackie R.  

“It is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so proud to have it.  Thank you for finding the spirit in the wood.  I love it. Happy Holidays”.
Lisa C.

“Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful sticks which arrived this morning just as I was leaving to do a show.  Perfect timing!  Thanks again.”
Jeri S.

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much Pattie loves her stick.  I had brought it to work to show our other friends and I hid it in the store room.  Then we had the hurricane that caused that massive flooding and our office was wiped out.  We weren't allowed to go back in due to the dangers, but the landlord of our building found out and went in and found it in all the mud.  So I gave it to her muddy...it seemed appropriate somehow, and we washed it together and everyone oohed and ahhed as it emerged in all its glory.  She was so thrilled and for the rest of the party she would find all sorts of reasons to incorporate it into her night, using it as a prop.  She was sooo happy and I want to thank you for such a beautiful gift and let you know how much we appreciate your craftsmanship.”

“I just received the walking stick.  It is wonderful.  Thank you for sending it ASAP.  I know he'll love it.”
Chris W.

Walking sticks look fantastic.  Thanks, Ron!”
Scott H.

“I was really pleased with the walking stick I received as well as your quick shipment.  Thanks so much!!! It will make a beautiful Christmas gift for my son who does a lot of hiking. “
Sue O.

“My brother really likes the spirit walking stick, I gave it to him for his 60th Birthday”.
Janet S.