Steampunk Deluxe -SOLD

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Has a lanyard that can be used for hanging on the wall.
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At long last the much anticipated Steampunk Deluxe Walking Stick is completed

This one-of-a-kind walking stick has been quite the draw all summer at local markets and craft shows. 

A very unique Steampunk inspired design with custom everything.  Glass and copper containers, leather bag and ice tip are included.  

Starts with an interesting top piece that has working gears with additional bronze gear below.  Tooled and metal gears embellish both sides of the custom hand dyed wrist sling.  Corset laced custom leather grip.  Rubber tip can be converted to ice tip that is stored conveniently on the staff. Re-purposed copper pipe with cap and glass container for storage.  Steampunk designed leather bag that snaps on and off and more! See pictures for more details.

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