Mission Statement

I recently came across an original Mission Statement written by my husband Ron when Spirit Creek was taking its first steps in growing from a hobby to a business.  I thought it should be shared.    

He has held true to his words all these years.  I am very proud of him for building a business out of love and to be a part of the love that Spirit Creek Walking Sticks gives to so many. 


Spirit Creek Walking Sticks Mission Statement

It will be a company that keeps its family happy and challenged.

It will use its resources wisely.

It will cultivate creation and growth.

It will give 10% back to the community or to those in need.

It will grow and adjust with the times.

It will be run with heart, with love and with an open door.

It will promote the art of carving and walking sticks alike.

It will make knowledge available at the lowest possible price.

It will have have a strong web presence, making it available to all.

It will be rooted in the community.

It will sponsor education for those who have given up.

It will offer work at all levels, affordable to all.

It will reach out to others to become part of the Spirit Creek family.

I will find the joy in my work...always.

I will give thanks to the people who got me here.

Bottom line - Spirit Creek Walking Sticks is about others...period.