Wood Carving Resources

These are links to supplies I use daily:



Tandy Leather  I have come to depend on them for supplies in the last few years.  Customer service is excellent.



Woodcraft  These folks are my first choice in my area. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. The classes they offer are excellent.



Pfeil Tools They are very light and well balanced. The chisels come sharpened. The quality is obvious when you first pick one up. All of my carving is done with Pfeil chisels.



Tormek  I have the Super grind 2000. I cant live without this tool. With the proper jig there is nothing you can't sharpen.



The Best Things  This is my favorite mallet.  I cannot believe how quiet it is.  (This makes it my wife's favorite too.) The mallet seems to have a softer blow to it...my elbow stopped hurting.   I use the 18 oz. model.



Veritas Carver's Vise  This vise has worked very well for me. Excellent hold.  Extra "plates" can be purchased for more than one project.


Ozark Mountain  Good info on wood carving