Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do custom carvings and requests?

Contact us with your idea and we will work with you.  Keep in mind that the "canvas" I have to work with is often smaller than the imagination, the width of a walking stick.   Emailing us clipart or a picture of what you have in mind is very helpful.  

Can I order my walking stick with a different kind of wood?

I use the abundant Red Alder from the Central Oregon Coast exclusively.  

How will my walking stick change over time?

The patina will go from its greener color, settling into rich antique looking earth tones.  The majority of this change will take place in the first month or so.  Depending on conditions.  As it cures, it will become much lighter but maintain its strength.

What type of finish is used?

It will be protected with a waterborne polyurethane (a hard wood floor finish) and can be wiped clean with a damp rag or furniture polish.

How will my walking stick be shipped?

In the US, we ship Priority Mail (2 to 3 day shipping time) in a 4"x 4"x 60" box.  This can be sent to a PO Box as well.

How long will it take to receive my order?  

The walking sticks we have for purchase will ship Priority Mail within 2-3 days.  Custom sticks will take a little longer depending on the request.  Typically within about a week.  We will let you know when you place the order.  I always work with my customers, so if you have a time constraint, let us know.

Can I have my initials carved in my custom walking stick? 

Yes, just let us know in the order section.  Contact us with any special requests.  We can also carve numbers, hearts, etc.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, please contact me for availability and a quote.  Some countries do have length restrictions.


 Please feel free to contact us with ANY questions you have.