TIps for Hiking in Autumn Weather

TIps for Hiking in Autumn Weather

Posted by Spirit Creek Walking Sticks on 25th Nov 2014

Fall can be a great time for hiking, but extra care must be taken.  Check out these great tips from Oregon State Parks "Go Guide". And don't forget your walking stick!

Tips for hiking in autumn weather

by the Oregon State Parks Team

Fall hikesWhether you’re on a mushroom search or exploring a new area or trail, the hike can turn serious if you’re not prepared. Every fall, a few adventurers get lost.

Follow these precautions to stay safe:

  • Use a map to plan your trip and familiarize yourself with the area in advance.
  • Inform someone of where you’re going and when you plan to return.
  • Hike with a companion.
  • Carry and drink plenty of water.
  • Wind and rain storms are common in the fall and winter. Dress in layers, avoid cotton and carry quality rain gear.
  • Don’t go hiking if a storm is in the forecast, and turn back in bad weather.
  • Carry a map and compass, and know how to use them.
  • Also carry with you these essential items: flashlight, matches, first aid kit, whistle, plastic garbage bag and pocket knife.