About the Artist

About the Artist

Ron Baur grew up near the Cascade Mountains and High Lakes of Central Oregon.  "I have always loved carving and working with wood, even as a kid".


My prior professions, although seemingly unrelated, led me to carving and working with wood.  I worked as a chef for many years which exposed me to carving ice.  Part of my job was to carve ice for larger functions such as wedding receptions and holiday parties.  I have also worked as a painting contractor.  My company specialized in high end custom homes.  I worked with custom stains and finishes on a variety of woods from around the world. I apply the knowledge of both to my work today.

In the fall of 2002 I began carving full time when my wife and I moved to Waldport...where the forest meets the sea on the beautiful Central Oregon Coast.  Here we enjoy kayaking, beachcombing, hiking, camping in our VW Westy and taking our dog Bodhi to the beach.  I combined the skills of the past with the dreams of the future and Spirit Creek Walking Sticks was born.  The Oregon Coast is rich with quality artists, keeping me inspired and humbled.  

The best thing in my life is my marriage of twenty years to my wife Jill.  Her never ending support keeps my dreams alive.  I do my best to make her proud of my art.

The bottom line is, I am doing what I love and I believe it shows up in my work.

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